2016 Rates

For information on ownership of a slip, visit the Squam Landing website, Click Here

Slip Rental & Valet Rates –

Slip Rental (Limited Availability)

Renting a slip entitles you to use the amenities offered at Squam River Landing and Riveredge Marina. These amenities include use of the clubhouse during normal business hours, barbeque areas, storage lockers, electric power, and the bath house.

Dry Stack Valet (Limited Availability) $3250

Frequently asked Valet Questions:

Q: How does the Valet Program Work?

A: You call us 2 hours before you want your boat (during our business hours – please DO NOT leave a voicemail request), and we launch it and put it at a dock (usually, the Gas Dock). If you want it filled up with gas, we can do that upon request. When you’re done with your boat, let us know (or let us know you’ll be dropping it off after hours) and we’ll put it back in the rack.

Q: What if I want my boat in less than 2 hours?

A: We can usually accommodate requests, depending on other activity at the time, but we cannot guarantee it. Just call as early as possible, and we’ll give you an estimate at that time. Just be sure you call during business hours.

Q: What if I ask to have my boat launched, then it rains?

A: If we’ve already launched your boat, we’ll try to leave it in so that if the weather clears you can still use it. If you decide not to come, let us know as soon as possible and we’ll cancel the request, or put the boat back in the rack if it’s been launched.

Q: What if I want to leave my boat in overnight, or for a few days?

A: The day valet program assumes boats will be placed back in a rack at the end of the day. As in-water spaces are limited (especially on Saturday Rental Boat turnover days), we cannot promise overnight in-water spaces. We will work to accommodate these occasional needs, but we cannot guarantee it.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of times I can do this for the?

A: No, however, we ask that you don’t abuse the system, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We do limit the number of launches a week to 3.

Q: Can I do the valet program if my boat is on a trailer?

A: No, we cannot do trailer valet.

Please Call (603) 968-4411 with any questions. Ask for Amy